• You're Registered for the January Hackathon!

    Here is what's next ~


    Go for it!


    Now that you've registered, you can start working on your project and collaborating with others


    Soon you'll receive:

    >> Invitations to the pre-hackathon meetups and hackathon events

    >> Invitations to the Trello board and Slack group

    >> Newsletter updates


    Log-in to tools


    Log-in to the Trello board and Slack group


    New to Trello? Here is a quick overview


    New to Slack? Learn the basics


    If you fall in love with these tools, you'll be happy to know that Slack is free for non-profits and Trello's free tier is powerful enough for most projects



    Share an idea and we'll make a post for it


    Then the community can add comments to it, and share it on social media


    Read and collaborate on project ideas


    This will help you decide which project you want to work on.


    Collaborate through the Slack channel and the project idea posts


    Attend the Pre-Hackathon Meetups


    November 15 and December 6, 2-3pm EST


    >> Share project ideas

    >> Form teams

    >> Get advice

    Soon you'll receive calendar invitations to the meetups

    Add your project to the Trello board


    Once you're sure about your project idea, add it to the Trello board


    Then people can add their name card to your project to join your team. Not all people will need to do this step.


    Choose your project


    Go to the hackathon Trello board, and move your name card to the project you've chosen


    Once you register, a name card will be created for you and you'll be given access to the Trello board.


    Meet with your team


    Meet with your team before the hackathon, so you can maximize your time during the hackathon


    Feel free to invite one of the project mentors to your planning meetings

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