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SMS Client Communication Tools

· Jan 2018 Projects

Develop a modular framework for the delivery of tailored client resources via SMS.

Though tailored content delivery is a cornerstone of many CRM suites, these service are often not as mature or robust in the non-profit space. Making personalized and streamlined resources available to clients in a timely manner has the potential to positively impact client outcomes. The goal is not to recreate existing tools but rather to integrate/implement them under a data model suitable to the access to justice community.

Potential functionality:

  • Appointment reminders Streamlined hearing prep (SMS-only or paired with dynamic web content)
  • Surveys and feedback Enhanced client communication

Project Team

Gwen Daniels, Illinois Legal Aid Online

Alex Gulotta, Alex Gulotta Consulting

Anthony Gulotta, Alex Gulotta Consulting

Raquel Bonilla, Legal Services of Northern Virginia

Jack Haycock, Pine Tree Legal Assistance

Alex Clark, Legal Aid of Nebraska

Mel Fisher, Montana Legal Services Association

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