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Remote/Virtual Legal Clinic

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I am interested in building a remote connectivity platform (such as an app) that can be used to set up remote/virtual legal clinics specifically designed to service rural areas that LSC funded organizations could overlay into their existing intake/screenings, and non LSC funded organizations could also utilize. It would theoretically be set up so that the user would access either a web platform or app and would be guided through a series of plain-language questions on income, eligibility, etc.

The user would then be virtually connected with an "on-call" pro bono attorney (either in real time or by appointment) who would provide pro bono counsel and advice through the web portal on behalf of the legal services organization in the same way as if the person attended a traditional walk-in clinic. Ideally, the platform would be a secure connection (thus avoiding the problems of waiver of confidentiality) and the user could upload documents such as warrants, etc, directly into the screen through their smartphone or other web access device through photos, screenshots, or even just pointing the camera toward the document if they lacked technological sophistication.

Something that was built in plain language that is universally acceptable for an LSC org but was also available for other types of legal clinics (bar associations, non-LSC funded partners, etc) would be ideal. Preferably, no set-up would be required by the LSC org on the user side as the accessibility would be user-friendly and in plain language.

-Kimi deMent

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