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· Jan 2017 Projects

We will create a secure, password protected document library for use by legal aid professionals for sharing case related documents (and other media) with other legal aid advocates and pro bono attorneys. We will build the document library with Drupal 7 and Apache Solr because of its speed, flexibility and security. The project will be made available publicly on Github as a Drupal 7 distribution for use by anyone who wishes to download it.

Functionality for the document library will include: be searchable and browseable with faceted filtering by authenticated users; be simple for authenticated users to post and categorize content; contain an editorial layer that will allow documents to be reviewed before they are published; have a user dashboard so authenticated users can see the newest documents that have been added in the categorizes of their interest; allow users to receive regular emails with links to new briefs in the categories of their interest; allow users to flag their favorite documents to add them to their dashboard.

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