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JusticeHub Enhancements

· Jan 2018 Projects is a social network & hub aimed to aid in the identification, prevention, mitigation and solving of justice issues that affect our communities.

The network has been convened with many events that led to the launch of a "pitch portal" website conceived by the legal aid community for legal aid innovators and stakeholders to jointly develop, showcase, and crowdsource cross-platform technical solutions that will improve legal aid service delivery for LSC-funded programs and partners nationwide. is dedicated to self-defined participation, open source development, attribution, and benefit so that legal aid innovators can work with private and public partners in scalable virtual workspaces with access to powerful tools.

Our possible objectives:

  1. Create and/or improve features to further the site's purpose. Primarily a brainstorming session.
  2. Create skills, desired position, issues and locations tagging: the tagging system will allow users to add tags to their profile, posts, projects so community members have an easier time of searching for content and users that relate to them.
  3. Create a robust project profile

Project Team

Christy Leos, Institute

Scott Ellis, Michigan Legal Help Program

Jeffrey Aresty, Internet Bar Organization

Marshall Werner

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