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Eviction Fighter Chatbot

Even when the law protects you, those protections usually do you little good if you are unaware of their existence. Even after reading the lease, you may be unaware of when your rights supersede or even contradict the terms in that document. And when the vast majority of tenants facing eviction lack legal representation, it is absolutely essential to at least have an accessible way to learn your rights. That knowledge could save you from being homeless tonight.

The prototype version of the Eviction Fighter for Kentucky is now complete. The Github repository for the project is HERE, and you can directly test it out HERE.

The Eviction Fighter is intended to help tenants and attorneys who serve them fight unlawful evictions. The Fighter helps users drill down on and understand the legal issues facing them.

At this time the bot is intended to be more of an interactive legal information source than an artificially-intelligent "robot lawyer". I would like to build in the ability for Eviction Fighter to refer users to legal aid organizations and other pro-bono/reduced fee attorneys, as well as the ability to create documents or complete forms for users.

Since the ethical implications of chatbots in law can be notable, I have obtained an ethics opinion from the Kentucky Bar Association and have consulted that opinion while building and refining this prototype.

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