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Docassemble Template Builder Word 2013/2016 Add-in

[Docassemble]( is a popular free, open source tool for building guided interviews to automate legal pleadings (among other capabilities). Guided interviews have two components: a template (the pleading) and an interview (a script to prompt the user for information). Currently there is an online editor which helps new users develop interviews, but no assistive editor for the template.

This project would create a Word Add-in that uses Microsoft's new JavaScript API to add some helpful tools for editing Docassemble templates. It could start with adding control structures, if/else, etc. Syntax highlighting and checking for common errors (curly quotes maybe) would be great also.

Microsoft's new Add-in model uses HTML + JavaScript only, similar to Google Apps. However, you need to host the HTML and can use any backend you like (node.js is popular, but vanilla Apache would work)l. I think this could start as a simple static HTML page with all of the logic in client side JavaScript.

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