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Browser Extension for Court Operators to Share Their Projects

My idea is to design and build a prototype for a browser extension for court operators (court staff/employees) to use for reporting and sharing their projects.

One of the main challenges I foresee is having a secure repository to collect the information and a platform for hosting the information. As the goal for the hackathon is a prototype, likely using InVision App, I can tackle that question later. For now, I think generating an excel/google sheet to collect and pull information from will be sufficient to demonstrate functionality.

There are some hard limits to deploying a tool like this, some of which would require serious strategic thinking on topics like: court-rules and standards related to data security and how to navigate judicial branch permissions on private court-networks. I'm thinking this prototype can begin that conversation, so I'm leaving those considerations on the horizon.

I would like to carry this work beyond the hackathon and I think this event is a great jump start to that. I have a lot of uses in mind for this "extension" project.

My expertise: project management, legal design, solution building, tech-user (I authored a few games using a tool designed by real programmers), and familiarity with the intended user population (my fellowship involves surveying court-based services/programs/projects for the self-represented.

Intended Users: court staff/employee, access to justice project managers/funders/collaborators/operators

Technical skillsets needed (approximation/guessing): SQL dev., API experience, JavaScript, CSS, HTML

Key features:

Primary Functions (achievable for the hackathon)

  • Post - users can post a project or program they are working on
    • Name of Project
    • Name of Project Developer
    • Status of Project (drop down)
    • Category of Project (drop down, with other option)
    • Milestones/Stages with dates
    • Links (to website or public page)
  • Invite - users can invite another user via a private link (privileged access--edit & comment, comment only, view)
  • Track Notifications - users can opt into receiving a notification that something has changed (information, status, milestones, new links)

Secondary Functions (aspirational for future development)

  • Share - users can link to social media for publicizing their project
  • Collaborate - users can join community board to discuss challenges
  • Contribute - users can receive suggestions, resources, or files to aid in their project from other users
  • Publish - users can link via an API (Drupal or other site) to easily publish their work or specific information on their project
  • Public & Private settings - user control of access, tracking engagement from other users
-Eduardo Gonzalez

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